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Elite Physical Training - In Home, At Gym, or Outdoors
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I will travel to your home, you could train at a private facility or we could train outdoors!  We could figure out what is the most effective way for you to get results! I incorporate the components of cardiovascular training and resistance training into every program. The cardiovascular system keeps your heart strong and resistance training makes your muscles stronger. These are two very important components for living a healthy life. Depending on your goals and rate of progression, a program is individualized to suit you.  I believe everyone has a different body type and it is important that exercises are taught and performed that way.  
Interested in getting fit?

To inquire about training options or to schedule an assessment:
Or Call Now: (646) - 283 -3312
What Are Your Goals? – Lose Weight? Decrease Body Fat Percentage? Increase Strength and Endurance? Prepare For Marathons Or Triathlons? Build Mass? Enhance Balance? Increase Flexibility? Strengthen Core?
Focused Training in the Following Areas:

Functional Training     Circuit Training     Resistance Bands     Weight Training     Cardiovascular Exercise
Goal & Body Assessment - Get Started Today
Your first introductory training session will include:

  • An overall body assessment that helps determine a program that will be effective for you.
  • You will perform a full body workout to determine your strengths and weaknesses so I know a starting point for your program. 
  • Circumference, body fat and weight measurements are taken. With training these are performed every 4-weeks. I track your results so you know where you are improving!
I am not limited to any goal; so let me know what your goal is, and you will achieve it! - annette@wekeepyoufit.com
Take the first step today and start with your overall body assessment!  We can determine where your starting point is and your goals.