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John - Attorney, 39
"I am a 39 year old professional who always thought that with work and the daily rituals of life that there was not enough time in a day for regular exercise. My youthful metabolism had long since passed into history. Slowly, but surely I was packing on the pounds and showing my age. Simply walking up a flight of subway steps caused me to breathe heavy and my legs to hurt. I was then 38 years old and feeling like I was 60. In the winter of 2008-2009, I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired....and fat.

As a New Year's resolution (yes one of those), I started going to a local gym where Annette worked as a trainer. I began to go once a day for a week or two, 1/2 hour of treadmill on each visit. The weights scared me as I never really learned proper form or technique. Simply put, I didn't want to look weak and foolish. After two weeks of a daily routine on the treadmill, I began to get the same feelings I always did when I tried a new exercise routine, complacency and lack of motivation. I knew that if I didn't do something different this time, this would be another failed attempt to turn things around.

I bit the bullet and hired Annette to train me. She has just the right combination of empathy for the out-of-shape and drill sergeant to help motivate. I have trained with Annette for over a year. I have dropped 35 lbs and kept it off. I have replaced fat with muscle and strengthened my core. I feel amazing physically and have much more confidence. I can honestly state that I am in the best shape of my life. I run and lift weights almost every day and I can thank Annette for her training and motivation to keep me going. I can without reservation recommend Annette as a trainer."
Client Testimonials
Deborah - Architect
"Annette is the best trainer I have ever worked with. I started training with her after recovering from surgery following a broken wrist; I had gotten completely out of shape. Working with Annette I've increased my strength and I am motivated to work out regularly. She's knowledgeable, have a great sense of humor, and knows how to push the right amount. I can't say enough good things about Annette - she's a great personal trainer!"  
Nathan - Attorney, 68
"Annette is the consummate professional trainer. As a senior trainee I am concerned about working hard but avoiding injury. Annette watching carefully to make sure my form is proper and that I get the most out of each session."
Cliff - Marketing Manager, 32
"I have been training with Annette and feel that she is an excellent trainer on many levels. It is clear Annette is very knowledgeable about training as well as nutrition as she always has a great personalized workout plan set up for me and has helped in changing my eating habits. Both of these have resulted in just about a 20 pound loss in weight and definite increase in muscle. The routine is constantly different to keep you interested but also so that your muscles don't get used to the same thing over and over. More importantly, as I have a history of lower back problems avoiding any injury to this area was a big concern of mine. Annette assured me that she would help me to focus on the appropriate posture, motion and equipment to use that would help in not only strengthening my back but also avoid any further injury. This has certainly proved to be true as my back has never felt better! All in all, Annette is a great personal trainer that I would highly recommend."
Audrey - Nurse, 31
"Annette has been my personal trainer for the past 3 years and I have experienced great results working with her. Her training exudes professionalism and a wealth of fitness knowledge far surpassing other trainers that I've had. Her sessions are always fun and challenging and no two workouts are ever the same. Annette is very caring and inspirationally personable. I highly recommend Annette without reservation as she sincerely cares about helping her clients reach their maximum fitness potential."
Anne - VP Events Management, 45
"Annette Kiider is a phenomenal trainer that makes you believe you can go the extra distance even if you yourself don't believe it. It has been my extreme privilege to work with her for the last 6 years and I consider myself very lucky to have found her. She truly cares about your health and will do all she can to make sure you achieve your goals and consistently stay healthy! I enjoy the workouts and time and dedication she puts forth. I highly recommend you train with her. Annette also stays continually educated in her field."
Miguel - Aircraft Technician, 37
"I have been training with Annette for over two years now and I truly never felt better. She's a sweet person at heart but when it comes to training, she is as tough as a drill instructor. I've lost 70 lbs and till this day I've lost 10 inches off my waist. lot of my friends and family members said that you're looking great . I tell them it was my trainer Annette who is getting me in shape. Her training experience and techniques are truly superb. One of the things I've noticed is that her training methods are always different; never repeating the same reps and sets. Always mixing it up and going through each training session very thoroughly. I'm glad I have her as my training instructor. I consider not just only as a trainer, but I truly consider her as a great friend. Someone who would listen and someone who would kick your butt back into shape!! You're the best Annette!!! Don't ever change!!!"
Mirna - Finance Manager, 32
"I started working out with Annette in September 2008. I had been working out by myself for several years, but at the time I was 4 months pregnant and I wanted to work with a professional to make sure my workout is safe and targeted. My primary goals were for my baby and myself to be healthy and to be physically ready for the delivery. Thanks to Annette, I achieved that. Initially I was planning on going back to working out on my own after my pregnancy, but as any new mom knows, it was very hard to motivate myself to do that. Annette was there to encourage me and motivate me. I now continue to work out with her twice a week to improve my general fitness level and to make sure I take the time to take care of myself despite all the stresses and demands of my life as a working mom. All I have to do is show up to my appointment, and Annette takes care of the rest, making sure I work consistently hard and focus on the right areas. Thanks Annette!"
John - VP Construction Management, 50
"I run a high -end Construction Company in Manhattan and have no time for nonsense. I am also married to an Elite personal trainer with 20 years experience in the Fitness and Wellness field. I have worked with Annette for 5 years now and she has exceeded all my expectations. Her professionalism and attitude make getting up at 5:00 am to exercise, a please. Her attention to detail, form, and core stabilization has whipped me into the best shape of my life. How many 50 year old executives in a high stress job do you know with 6 pack abs?."
Susan - Designer, 50
"It's not easy for a fifty something women to walk into a gym and begin training after a lifetime of inactivity unless you are lucky enough to walk in and meet Annette. Her patience, knowledge and encouragement have been essential to my success. We laugh about my 3 measly pushups when I started but at the time there was nothing but the serious business of making me stronger and that is what I am today thanks to Annette."
Brad - Attorney, 27
"I've been training with Annette for four years and I couldn't be happier. I've had five trainers over the last six years and Annette supersedes any trainer I've ever had! She still manages to keep me on my toes. She's knowledgeable and keeps the workouts from becoming repetitive -- and she has seamlessly altered workouts based on flare-ups from old injuries. She's helped me meet my goals of putting on muscle mass, and she's never been judgmental in the rough patches. We all have them, and Annette is the perfect trainer to go through them with -- it's not about dwelling on the past, it's about getting the results you want. I'd recommend her to anyone."
Kinga - VP Finance, 46
"Annette is the best!!! I could simply stop here. When weight overpowers one’s life it is time for action. I was lucky to come across a great trainer. From the moment I met her, I knew she was the one. Annette changed my life with her tough training love. She was determined to whip me into shape. I simply could not do it on my own. What I like the about Annette way of training is her professionalism and inventive ways of exercising. Since I started training with her I have not had the same session pattern. Every session consist of a new combination working every muscle of you body. Annette pushes you but at the same time knows when to stop. We go from one exercise to another without losing a beat. She knows you, she knows your limits and she knows how far you can go. Thank you Annette for everything. I am grateful for all help. Indeed, you are the best."
Ken - EVP Advertising, 49
After training my client for the Boston Marathon 2010 this is my clients success story as I am his mission accomplished trainer! "Thank you for all the training, guidance and advice. Monday was a success on so many levels it's still so hard to put into words. I beat my best previous time by almost 30 minutes, never felt tired, maintained a consistent but stepped up pace, and just had the time of my life. The crowds were great and feeling so strong made it that much more an enjoyable experience. You were so right when you said all the work we were doing would make the difference late in the race. So thank you. Mission accomplished!"